Mauricewood Parent Council

Parent Council

2007 saw legislation come into force which disbanded the old School Boards and gave rise to  Parent Councils.

A Parent Council is a group of parents in a school who represent parent views and work in partnership with pupils, the head teacher and the local authority to achieve the best for pupils at that school.


The Parent Council of Mauricewood Primary School exist to fulfil the following aims:

To work closely with the Head Teacher, and teaching staff to ensure that the school runs in a smooth and disciplined manner and that all children have both the educational and personal development that they need to succeed in the future.

To work within the learning and greater local community to foster good relationships and a positive image between the school, the pupils, parents and the public.

To assist the school’s ability to deliver a high quality educational and life experience by the raising of funds through events and organising of extracurricular activities with the approval of the school and local authority.

To act as a forum for parents’ concerns and wishes for the future of the school.

The ultimate aim is to enhance both the educational and personal development of all our children in a fully inclusive and safe and happy

All parents are more than welcome to attend parent council meetings.