Mauricewood Parent Fundraising Team

 The PTA is now Mauricewood Parent Fundraising Team

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Who are we?

As well as a Parent Council we have a very supportive and active Fundrasing Team.  Mauricewood Parent Fundraising Team are a group of Parents, Carers and Teachers.

What do we do?

We work together, making an active contribution to the life and work of the school. Our aim is to do this through fundraising, the proceeds of which are used directly by the children of Mauricewood Primary School. We meet regularly and organise a number of fundraising and fun events throughout the year.

  • School discos/fun nights for children
  • Christmas and Summer Fayre
  • Evenings for Parents/Carers to help support the work in school e.g. Health Evening

How can you get involved?

The Mauricewood Parent Fundraising Team warmly invite you to be part of the group and show your support in whatever way suits you. For example:

  • Attend meetings and become active member
  • Volunteer at events to help ensure these are run as smoothly and effectively as possible
  • Receive meeting minutes just for your information

If you feel you are able to help at any of these events we will ask for volunteers via newsletter or posters prior to the event.

Meetings take place about monthly, during term time, and will be advertised via our Facebook page and school app.

Who’s Who?

The current elected members are:

Chair –  Gillian McKendrick

Treasurer – post to be filled

Secretary –  Jackie Walker

To contact the Mauricewood Parent Fundraising Team please contact us using the school contact details provided on the website.